Understanding upload and download speeds

Broadband is an essential part of modern life, and upload and download speeds are central to any online experience. High speeds will ensure a smooth and seamless journey around the web, while slow speeds generally lead to frustration. Understanding how data is transmitted across the internet helps to explain why your current connection sometimes ... Read More »

21st Sept 2020

There’s no way around it – the web is not a safe place. There’s a hacking attack every 39 seconds, and 65% of these attacks are aimed at small and medium-sized businesses. Website security is one of the most important aspects of doing business online, but for many, it’s an issue that isn’t thought about until something goes wrong. In ... Read More »

17th Oct 2019
Your Friday Tech Round-Up: 1st March 2019

It’s time for a Friday tech round-up to kick off the month! It was a turbulent end to February with Brexit negotiations still up in the air and more fines issued for breaches of data protection law. So, what’s been happening in this week’s tech news? Let’s find out. Three quarters of government systems aren’t ready for Brexit A report ... Read More »

5th Mar 2019
12 things clients say that only creatives will get

You know the feeling … It’s Friday, it’s five to five … Tonight’s the night! The one night when you finally get to click off on-time and have a weekend. Like a person. Then it happens: The phone rings and you hear those doom-laden words: “Can you just …” Of course, they assure you, “It’ll just be a five minute job!” And ... Read More »

5th Mar 2019
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