Support Services

Finding the right IT Support company is a tricky process. There are so many out there and it’s a minefield to choose from the many lists of services they offer. We believe that we’re different to most. We aim to be your Trusted Technology Partner.

Gone are the days of simple IT Support service. We believe IT should be considered a fundamental part of any business plan, enabling an organisation to grow and improve. The technology stack available to clients in this digital era can be overwhelming, so we believe in going further than simply offering IT Support. Our Managed IT Services deliver an all encompassing strategic IT partnership.

How We Help

By working with us we can advise, guide, implement, support and continuously review your IT platforms whilst ensuring we are accountable for the services we offer. Our proven Get To Good and IT Roadmap services ensure we have a plan to get your organisation to its intended destination whilst ensuring all of the usual IT Support Services you’d expect from an established IT Support company are in place.

I.T. Security

Managing your organisations’ security is a key component to keeping your systems and data safe. By pro-actively monitoring, testing and fixing issues, our tailored managed IT Security service provides peace of mind and delivers the uptime expected in our digital world. Effective IT security has to consider many layers of protection, the more layers you protect, the more effective the security solution will be and the lower the risk of a compromised network or device.

Why is Security so Important?

At Business To Host we believe IT security goes hand in hand with any managed IT service. We take a pragmatic approach to IT security, balancing risks with costs to help you make informed decisions that align with your budget. For larger organisations, a CSOC (Cyber Security Operations Centre) service could be a valuable tool in detecting and preventing security incidents, though this doesn’t mean security is only for large organisations. Pro-actively monitoring, updating and resolving issues with Anti-Virus software and monitoring your internet firewall to prevent compromised devices from infecting your network are simple and cost effective defence mechanisms that we can help you implement.

How Can We Help

IT Security isn’t simple, which is why we make it easy for you to utilise a professional service where we onboard and assess your systems. We then feedback to you with our Risk Register of the key areas we identify as potential causes for concern. From this we can assist you in resolving those issues and once you have a solid baseline we then monitor your systems and help to keep you secure. We don’t just stop with the computers though… Training your people is also a key aspect of IT security, so why not benefit from our IT security training videos created to help educate your team.
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