D3 6.0


  1. vmception says:

    I just wish all the cool animated examples of D3 were updated to use the latest version of the library.

    Mike had such cool and colorful ideas for the web 8 years ago which still wow supporters of any project. But I have had to spend significant time and money updating things to work with Vue or React while simultaneously trying to figure out what changed across versions of D3 while simultaneously trying to figure out what the inherited version of D3 was even doing.

    Mike seems to have opted for more practical designs in the latter half of the decade in his exploration of data visualizations. While other contributors lack inspiration of using this as an art form.

  2. Waterluvian says:

    Does the full adoption of ES6 modules result in trivial tree shaking? I’ve found that’s one of my favourite effects of libraries adopting the newer module styles

    Edit: it’s modular but the modules I peeked at have sideEffects set and look pretty clean. I’m excited to see what I can do and keep tiny bundles! (I’m obsessed lately with making neat gadgets that load instantly)

  3. jakecopp says:

    Is anybody else annoyed by how tightly coupled D3.js is with https://observablehq.com?

    It's basically impossible to get started with D3 without using the Observable online playground, I find it so frustrating.

  4. cjv says:

    I've always been curious on what Mike would do if he could completely rewrite D3. I saw some experiments with a declarative API [0] which seems really interesting.

    It seems like the main learning curve for learning D3 is deeply understanding the underlying web technologies (looking at you SVG), so could something D3-like have a more abstracted renderer?

    Anyway, once you use Observable – Jupyter notebooks are forever ruined, which is the highest praise I can give. Thanks for all your hard work Mike!

    [0] https://observablehq.com/@unkleho/introducing-d3-render-trul…

  5. tylerscott says:

    As a former Protovis user whose mouth hit the floor the day he discovered D3, I never cease to be amazed at the quality of work Mike does. Thanks, Mike!

  6. Sankey diagrams are still blowing enterprise minds in 2020. I don't know what award it would be, but it should be important, and the author should get it.

  7. enjalot says:

    We are hosting a d3 meetup online Thursday 8/27 (tomorrow) more info here:

    Mike Bostock will be doing an AMA at the end if you have burning d3v6 questions (though you can expect some more documentation on upgrading to come very soon!)

    I'll also plug our other two speakers, Mike Freeman and Amelia Wattenberger who are amazing d3 educators & authors.

    It's exciting that this is the first big online d3 meetup since the pandemic put a stop to in-person events, and as a consequence of being online anyone can participate!

  8. atonse says:

    The first few days I used d3, I really struggled. And I got very frustrated. I simply couldn’t understand why the library was so popular. But I powered through because people whose thought patterns I respected, swore by it.

    Then I read some blog post somewhere. I wish I could give that author the credit they deserved. It explained the fundamental building blocks of d3, the selection APIs, etc with such clarity.

    Once the light bulb went off, I was able to quickly iterate on some pretty awesome totally custom stuff quickly and have sung d3’s praises ever since (it’s been 5 years).

  9. romanr says:

    It seems like a very versatile framework, but nowhere I can find any recipe or guide of a very simple case – how to combine different types of charts in one? Like simple line chart overlaying the bar chart. It seems to be only possible by rendering them as completely separate charts and then overlaying one on top of each other in DOM? Which seems hacky.

  10. jedbrown says:

    For those looking for higher level interfaces for interactive visualization via D3, check out Vega/Vega-Lite [1] and Altair [2] (a Python library based on Vega-Lite).

    [1] https://vega.github.io/
    [2] https://altair-viz.github.io/
    [3] https://vega.github.io/vega/about/vega-and-d3/

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